Hello, professional actors!
We provide great and useful acting techniques for you from Japan!
Enjoy fruitful live interaction with Japanese people.


Live Interaction is…

Live interaction means face-to-face communication.

Not on the web, not by texting, BUT actual real on the spot exchanging, feeling and loving.
It’s interaction. It is a live thing.
Live interaction is the most important and yet most difficult to pursue, for all of us.

The actor training technique is key to this.
And through this site, we will give you useful skills for live interaction.

This site has three main purposes.

1 For Professional Actors

2 For the General Public who needs to talk in front of wide audience

3 For Creating International Friendship

For professional actors:
You can search for acting workshops all over the world, and get knowledge on world theatrical techniques for stage and film acting.

For the general public:
You will get knowledge about how to stand, walk and talk to attract the audience in front of you, with confidence.

For creating international friendship:
Since the site-owner ELICA MIWA is a Japanese, she wishes to connect Japan and the world, Japanese people and people from all over the world.
And we know live-interaction skills are going to help to make friends very easily.

The site has been just started and we are trying to make it worthwhile, so give us a little patience yet.