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Live Interaction is a very useful actor-training technique.

Live Interaction can even be applicable to world-class top executives.
In fact, the world top leaders have learned and are using actor-training skills, from BC5C!!

Live Interaction is the combination of British style acting and all the other great acting skills from Russia, USA, Australia, France, Asia, and Japan.
Live Interaction trains your voice, body, mind, script reading and all the other acting techniques which are suitable for your business and daily lives.

Live Interaction combines all the useful acting techniques.

Live Interaction contains what are really important for any actor, dancer, performer, musician, narrator, presenter, and whoever needs to speak and communicate with the audience.

Yes, it is the skill to interact with the ones in front of you directly in the live situation.
And of course, it is useful for film actors, too.

In this blog, you will understand the Live Interaction, and how it helps you in many ways.


The Writer

The writer of this blog is ELICA MIWA, a theatrist (theatre practitioner) who works both in English and in Japanese.

ELIC MIWA’s fundamental skill is acquired in RADA, England, while she was appointed as the scholarship student sent by the Japanese government.

She has been experiencing many and varied acting skills from all over the world.

After a while in teaching and using those skills in combination, she puts a name to it.

That is Live Interaction®︎

It has been registered as the special name since April, 2016.

Enjoy her writing and full knowledge about how to express and communicate as you wish, to pursue your ideal life, through Live Interaction.